Baby Boxes for Refugees facing winter catastrophe in Greece



Baby Boxes for Refugees facing winter catastrophe in Greece

Baby boxes are now provided for every new born baby in Scotland – but the United Free Church of Scotland has just sent fifty baby boxes to assist refugee families in Greece. 

They have partners, David and Wilma Lyttle, who are based at Katerini in Macedonia and there are over 60,000 refugees in that area.  There are many babies in the camps and the boxes give them a safer and more comfortable place to sleep.


Many of the refugees have fled from war and famine in parts of the Middle East and have crossed from Turkey to seek a new life in Europe.  Often they have tried to move on to Bulgaria and other countries but have found themselves returned to Greece. 

There is chronic overcrowding in the camps and poor conditions for many vulnerable people, including babies and children.  The Greek Government is not allowed to return them to Turkey so they are effectively trapped there and the situation is expected to continue to worsen for at least another year.  David and Wilma told us ‘It’s definitely not easy’. 


When the United Free Church heard about the great need, they set about not only purchasing fifty baby boxes but also gathering clothes, toiletries and other items to help make life a little better for at least some of the refugees through the cold winter. 

The boxes were made available to us by Arvossa at a much reduced cost which has been a big help.  These boxes have now been filled with some of the items and have just been sent on their way to Greece. 

Far more items have been received than could fit in the 50 boxes and a further 30 larger boxes were donated by Macfarlane Packaging and have also been filled. 

Another 30 boxes have just been obtained and these will be filled and ready to send early in 2018. 


General Secretary, John Fulton, said ‘The response has been amazing and we are delighted to be able to support this vital work with refugees, many of whom are living in such poor conditions.’ 

David and Wilma Lyttle of Mizpah Outreach said ‘We are overwhelmed by the generosity of folk in Scotland and these clothes and blankets will make such a difference to many refugees living in very poor conditions.’